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ServicePrice Range (INR)
Disc Drive ReplacementOn Request
HDMI Port Repair/ReplacementOn Request
Power Supply ReplacementOn Request
Hard Drive Upgrade/ReplacementOn Request
Controller Repair/ReplacementOn Request
System Software UpdateOn Request

Solution Hub Tech is one of the familiar PlayStation service centers in Delhi. We are experts in PS4 advanced gaming console repairing, speaker repairing, smartphone repairing, Apple repairing, laptop repairing and many technology gadgets. Over the decade, we have worked with different gaming centers in Delhi, and our reliable services helped us to get more mileage in Delhi as the best repairing center.

We have a highly professional team, well-versed in gaming technologies and technology gadget repair. Besides delivering quality services to our valued customers, we provide affordable prices. On the other hand, we deliver on time as per the schedule. We will never procrastinate or find ourselves telling lame reasons to prolong things and causing trouble to customers.

Our transparency and stick to business ethics have changed Solution Hub Tech into the best repairing center in Delhi. Are you looking for PS4 advanced gaming console repairs and want it done on time? We are a proper organization that can meet all your repair needs to save time and money.

PS4 Repair and Services in Delhi, Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon

Red blinking light fix:

We can fix your red blinking light issues on the PS4 controller. As we specialize in blinking light matters, we can improve and deliver it.

No power to console repairs:

Solution Hub Tech can fix the issues of no power to the console. Our trained team can quickly resolve your console monitor issues when there is no power support.

No PS4 video fix:

No PS4 video fix is commonly seen in many gaming centers. We are well-versed in these common issues.

Overheating PS4 repairs:

Overheating is a common issue that every gaming center faces during playtime. Call us, and we will take care of your issues without difficulty.

Broken complex drive repair:

Hard drive broken issues are common these days, and you don’t need to panic and waste your time as we can fix the problem. Call us for broken complex drive repair.

Noisy, complex drive repair:

Are you getting irritated with noisy hard drives? No issues; we are here to help you and fix it with a call. Our trained technicians can resolve it on tips.

Broken HDMI ports

Finding Broken HDMI ports can be annoying. Don’t worry; it is a common issue, and we can clear it with tips for your ports.
Red screen fix

You might need clarification about facing the issue of the red screen and keep checking recently installed applications. But that might be fine. We can clear the problem and deliver you the best.

Cracked PlayStation Case Fix

As a professional PlayStation repair center, we can resolve your issues. To fix this issue, you need our support as it is difficult to clear from your end.

Fixing PS4s ′s that do not read games

Troubleshooting PS4 console disc reading issues should be fixed immediately, and our technicians can handle it with care and resolve it. We are specialized in clearing it.

PS4 Games that are stuck

Hanging issues are commonly found and need technical support from professional repair centers like us. We at Solution Hub Tech can provide the best for your needs.

Other PS4 problems

There are several issues you commonly find when using it for games. And technical support is essential, and Solution Hub Tech can help you at every step of yours.